MVP Is Not Enough. Your Product Must Be AWESOME!

Technology and user practices keep changing every day. So, it is important to keep updating different applications and websites. MVP was a huge hit back in the day when it was introduced. But many years have passed since then and so have the consumer practices.

Therefore, it is important to update this basic model of MVP. All the businesses must consider the end goal that they wish to achieve with their MVP. They have to build something awesome.

The concept of MVP today has changed a lot from what it was seven years ago when it was introduced. The concept behind it was to make a basic model with minimum features to test the viability of your end product. There was great traction for this MVP way of product launch. Many businesses readily accepted this idea. But the models soon became sub-par quality. A lot was sacrificed in order to attain a model with the features at a faster rate. The functionality and design were also highly limited. 

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There are millions of better products that are coming to the market literally every day. Customers also start to expect a lot from products and applications these days. They do not really care if it is a prototype or the final product or if it is in beta stage. Your customer will compare your product to the many other similar products which give you the pressure of making your product stand out.

MVP is very basic. It has a normal function, a normal basic design and zero visuals. This does not give it a lasting impression for the users that use it. The set standards of products themselves have changed. Thus, the standards for MVP applications have also changed.

With new expectations in place we believes in developing MAPs (Minimum Acceptable Product) which are much better than MVPs (Minimum Viable Product).

A power-packed seamless initial model can make sure that you get the next round of funding and resources for the final product.

The core function of both these models are the same but there are still many differences.

  1. Design and Tech

These are the two functions that have changed in MAP. MAP is a small window where your customers get to evaluate your product. Therefore, great user experience is important to be invested in. If the user experience is seamless, it will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the users and they would want to use your product again. It is also one of the core areas where time and money should be invested in a MAP.

The design includes:

how the product feels, what it looks like, how fast it opens, how long it takes to get the work done etc.

Investing in good visuals is also a great idea to keep your customer engaged with your product. It is also a way of branding your product before it hits the market.

2. Feedback loop

The feedback loop is another feature that is same in both MAP and MVP. MAP uses new innovative methods to collect feedback from the users. It is important to make sure that the users give feedback. They will only do this if it is not time-consuming. MAPs can provide audio or visual options to collect feedback. This is more interactive, less time consuming and easier as the users will not have to type their answers.

It is imperative to make sure that the MAP is great. The performance of the MAP is what determines the future of your final product. With MAP, the idea is to keep it simple yet very efficient. It has to be polished so that it leaves a lasting impression. It is also important not to go overboard as it is more of a sample rather than the final launched product.

What does aTeamTexas do?

Our MVP service offering includes:

  • Prototype Design / POC Demo Development
  • Pilot MVP Development
  • Single Feature MVP

What we focus on is to ensure that the product, even though minimal in functionalities and features, is well designed and performs seamlessly. So, if you need help in converting your idea to an MVP, you know where to go.
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