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aTeam Warehouse Management solution helped the client with optimized operations, efficient labour allocation, reduced operational expenses and better Inventory Balance

Business Scenario

Our client was finding it challenging to keep track of its inventory, allocate labour & operational efficiency.

The efficient task allocation, autonomy within employee roles, and better accuracy in their work were also a challenge.

Our Solution

Our client was finding it challenging to keep track of its inventory. The real-time remote dispatch of new tasks for them were also a challenge.

Client wanted to use a Warehouse Management solution, in order to help them in optimizing their operations, managing the stock and improve customer relationship.


aTeam WMS helped businesses to achieve significant ROI and the greatest competitive advantage in marketplace.

Benefits include enhanced employee morale, improved customer service, reduction of various cost parameters, tracking, communication and faster Go-To Market Strategies.

aTeam WMS Features

Goods receipt

Processing of: unscheduled deliveries
  • handling of goods received
  • receiving of goods under one order number but delivered in several part-orders
  • sampling, recording the quantity to be sampled or formulae for their calculation (Quality Assurance).

Warehouse control

  • Cross-docking: routing of goods from goods-in direct to issuing of goods, without storing.
  • Relocation of stock within the warehouse (creating a transport order from initial to target location)
  • evacuation of an entire storage area with a single order (e.g. for renovation purposes)
  • reorganisation of stock

Issues of goods

  • items at issuing of goods, ready to be picked up for delivery
  • management of certain data by use of shipping units
  • re-storage of pallets which are not required, or the option to stack pallets
  • automatic allocation of carrier based on defined criteria, such as distance, load weight and number of delivery stops
  • Controlling of freight cost (distance travelled, number of packages, number of delivery stops, load weight)


  • creation of all relevant types of picking order
  • generation of packing information, which defines the exact position and alignment of each package on the pallet
  • picking using printed documents or mobile data entry devices via wireless data transmission
  • retrieval verification by scanning location or article barcode

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