• Why Startups Should Outsource Software Development ?

    In this day and age, it is difficult to run a startup business. There are very few that manage to succeed. Even though your startup might be small, it brings with it a lot of complex activities that have to be managed rightly. On top of this, software development might be a huge task to manage. However, it is also an integral part of the business that cannot be compromised. In such a situation, hiring an in-house team of your own can cost a hefty sum and also take up a lot of time. Instead, outsourcing website and software development to another company will help get your perfect software and is also convenient and less expensive. 

    Startups often go for an in-house team thinking it is the safer way to handle their information. They are often under the misconception that an offshore team might leak their client information and other such sensitive data. This is not true. This is a challenge that is there in both offshore and in-house firms which can be resolved with a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

    Outsourcing Development is Beneficial for Startups

    Outsourcing software development is more economical and helps the tech startup to focus on their key components without spending an awful lot of money and time. 

    According to the studies conducted by Information Services Group, the annual global revenue generated from software development outsourcing amounted to 60-70 % billion US dollars. 

    Following are some of the reasons why startups stand to benefit from an outsourcing strategy:

    #1. Cost Saving

    For a company that is starting out, the operational costs of running an in-house team of employees can lead to a financial crunch. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between tasks that can be outsourced and the ones that need an in-house team. Many have agreed that outsourcing services have helped them stay within their startup funding. 

    Maintaining an in-house team can cause you to run out of money. This is the case with 45% of startups. Some run out of funds initially itself when creating their own startup websites. 

    27% of them have been able to cut startup cost with the help of outsourcing. Around 60% of the operational cost can be saved with the outsourcing of services. 

    One of the outsourcing benefits is that it eliminates the need to keep a set of employees on payroll and paying them regularly even when there is no work. Outsourcing staff also helps you find better talent internationally at the best price than what might be available locally. This is because the international market offers a better talent pool at a competitive rate. 

    #2. Loose Focus

    When you lead a successful business there might occur situations that are not expected. You have to be prepared for these. These new changes can either help your business or cause a loss. The key to a successful startup is to be prepared for both the contingencies by focusing attention on what is needed the most. 

    A startup company can’t handle every area of their business. Those who try to handle everything because they are reluctant to let an outsider deal with certain aspects of their business often end up ill-equipped to deal with an unexpected event. Therefore, startups have to be realistic as to what tasks they can handle and what they should not be wasting time on. Such tasks can be handed out to a professional through outsourcing human resources. This can increase the productivity and competitiveness a 100-fold. 

    #3. Scale Up & Down 

    Outsourcing offers scalability. It is the most efficient way to scale up or down. This is why it is an attractive option. There are thousands of new startups entering the market and there is a lot of pressure and competition. Therefore, they will lose out on a lot of things if they stick to an in-house team of developers. 

    Startups are also restrained by a small budget with which they might not be able to hire skilled developers. Top developers will most certainly demand a higher wage. On the other hand, outsourced talent can be hired at half the cost. This process is also very quick. They need not be included in the payroll and do not even need to come in every day. All they need to do is one job that is given to them. This speed can be tremendously useful. Scaling down is also quick. It is just as easy to remove them. This way you can apply your time and money on a difficult project and then go to the next one efficiently while on a small budget. 

    One of the best outsourcing examples is that if your outsourcing partner does a good job, they can be hired again for another project. Otherwise, you can look for a better person for the next project which is difficult to do with your own staff.

    Sometimes you might be 100% sure that your product or idea will be a success right off the bat. However, the reality might be quite different and disappointing. When you are employing the services of an in-house team that comprise full-time labour, your product might take longer than expected. In this circumstance, you risk the jobs of people and the capital you invested. 

    For startups, it is a wiser decision to hire a software developer offshore who is qualified, especially for creating an MVP or minimum viable product. Minimum Viable Product is an essential part of a startup business plan in the sense that it can make or break your business. Outsourcing MVP development helps you to reduce the risks such as equity dilution, investments and will make you more trustworthy to your stakeholders. 

    In the case of MVP, outsourcing this process will bring a lot of new idea and innovation to the table. They will have global exposure and are more aware of what ideas are more validated in the market. They bring in new ideas for the entire development cycle. 

    7 Reasons why Should You Outsource MVP Development

    #1.  Access to a Cross-Functional Team

    One of the main benefits of outsourcing MVP for startups is that you get a cross-functional team. You already get a team that has developers having experience in different areas instead of hiring different developers for each different element. Thus, hiring an offshore team is much less expensive than hiring different developers for one project. 

    #2. Technical Support and Consultation

    If the outsourcing vendor is an established company of developers, they will have a team of experienced developers. They will be partners with great knowledge of the field and can, therefore, understand your vision perfectly. They can then help you to make your idea into reality. Because of their years of experience, they will be aware of the practical problems that arise while running a startup. 

    An efficient team can provide you with high-quality technical support. They bring a different perspective to your MVP startup business idea and will provide their support to constant consultation. 

    #3. Get Started Sooner

    Outsourcing web development or an MVP project will reduce the duration taken to bring your product to the market. It is much easier to get started than it is with an in-house team of developers. You will not have to waste time finding developers, interviewing them, recruiting them, providing them with adequate training etc. This, in turn, ensures that you can market your product much faster and will get a head start when compared to your competitors. 

    #4. Short-term Commitment

    One of the most overlooked benefits of an offshore term is its short-term nature of the commitment. You get to bring experts to work with you on a short-term basis. This means that you will not have to pay them a monthly salary or incur any long-term expenses that are involved while hiring an in-house team. 

    You also do not have to worry about laying off employees if you need to scale down or worry about losing employees if you take on a different project. You have the freedom to hire experts only when you need them. 

    5. Structured Process: Project Management Made Easy

    If you are working with an experienced company, they can provide you with a structured process for your MVP development. From the initial meeting to the delivery, they will have a planned method which ensures a smooth uninterrupted workflow. A good MVP development company will give importance to communication in such projects. They will be in constant touch with your business during each and every stage of the MVP development process. This gives you clarity as to where the project is standing and how long it will take. 

    Along with this, without having to dedicate any resource for recruitment and training, the project becomes much easier to manage. It requires less manpower as well. With your idea, the vendor will bring their expertise to it. Combining these two elements, you get a fair idea of how feasible the product is, the duration for it to reach the market etc. This helps you to plan ahead and allocate resources when they become necessary and gives a smooth flow for not just the MVP but also the development cycle. You can also plan your launch dates, strategy to promote, advertising etc. 

    #6. Development of Strong Code Base

    You often seek experienced developers for outsourcing MVP work. They will know what platform to be used, the best languages for coding, UI frameworks, testing mechanisms and other good development practices. With this knowledge, they can build a strong and robust base for your MVP. The entire infrastructure of the code will be understandable easily so that your future developing team can manage the application. 

    #7. Partnership

    A great advantage of an MVP development partner is that even after the initial stage of development, you can continue working with them. They will work until the details are sorted out rightly. They can also work along with your in-house team of developers as the business expands. They can share their knowledge and expertise with your team. 

    In conclusion

    In short, outsourcing software development needs has helped many big startups to be successful from their initial stage of MVP. This is mainly because a third party will handle technology, coding, testing etc. because of their expertise, they will know which technology will be appropriate for you and what development practices fit you the most. While your technology partner focuses on these challenges, you can focus on marketing strategies, finding investors, new and innovative ideas etc. You can finally put in the time and effort that is required to grow your business. You no longer have to worry about things that are not related to the key elements of your business. 

    Another important expense is that of hiring an IT department which outsourcing lets you avoid. The outsourcing team comes with their own experts. Technologies and solutions that were previously only accessible to big corporations can now be used by startups, thanks to outsourcing. 

    MVP development outsourcing can be a very wise decision for your startup. Often, you might have a great idea but lack the time or skill for developing and building it. This is very common. Outsourcing companies will have the resources and expertise required to convert your idea into a product. This will help you to quickly deliver to the market. If it is a company that has previously done many successful MVP projects, it’s all the better for you. Once your idea is approved, you can right away build a team and start outsourcing work. 

    Outsourcing reduces the risk while also providing you access to clients. There are chances that the MVP might change in its version upon receiving feedback. This will help you to directly reach customers and understand their reaction before bringing changes to the product. In the case of MVP, the product version changes under the feedback received from early adopters. Outsourcing vendors thus give great exposure to your MVP. Outsourcing also provides you with better access to stakeholders which guarantees easy access to potential customers and developers. Your outsourcing partner will help you create the final product accurately based on the initial reaction thereby mitigating the risks

    A reliable software development outsourcing company can help you save time and money while providing you with top services. Carefully analysing and studying your prospective partner will guarantee a successful outsourcing partnership. This can also avoid common outsourcing disadvantages. Outsourcing MVP development also ensures better success rates for the finished goods. Finding the right outsourcing company is the most profitable alternative to wasting time on technology, software etc. which can be efficiently looked after by a team of experts.

    With the help of the right software development partner like aTeamTexas, we ensure that your idea gets translated into a market redefining product. Talk to our expert today! To know more about aTeam-Texas offerings, drop a mail to abhinand@ateam-texas.com

  • Must-Have Remote Work Tools for Tech Industry to Overcome COVID-19

    COVID-19 or Corona Virus, as popularly known, has become a global issue. It is time to take up arms and save the world by staying at home. This does not mean that you need not work. You need to pay your bills and complete those projects for your clients. There are plenty of remote work tools, apps and software that allow one to work along with their team, especially if you are part of a team or company that provides digital services. Some apps are also providing free versions for a limited time to help overcome the situation. Microsoft is providing Microsoft Teams bundled with Office 365 to be used free for 6 months. 12 million users have newly joined Teams in just 7 days further proving the transition to remote works. Google is also providing free access to Advanced Hangouts Meet features for G-suite users. 

    As a global company with multiple teams working remotely across different continents way before the pandemic, we, aTeamTexas, are already familiar with the remote work tools that help in remote work projects. Let us look at the tools that are most useful in remote projects.

    Already popular around the world as the number one video call app, Skype is also the go-to app for meetings. Shift your physical meetings to digital. The advantage is that you can cut on travel costs. You can level up to ‘Skype for Business’ if you require more finesse. Calendar integration and scheduling, a special control dashboard, whiteboard tools and video recording are some of the useful features that come equipped with Skype for Business. While the regular Skype is free to use, the Business version now comes with Microsoft Teams or Office 365 subscriptions. Microsoft To-Do is also a useful tool for daily task management that comes bundled with the same subscription.

    It does not matter where each member of your team is. Basecamp brings all your team members, tasks, files and data together in one place. Basecamp has message boards, to-do lists, scheduling management, files management, group chat and check-in features. Basecamp provides a free version known as Basecamp Personal but with limited features. The Basecamp Business version starts at $99 per month for unlimited users and projects along with 500 GB storage space.


    Slack is another project management tool that focuses on discussion and collaboration. It is the best replacement for business email conversations. While messaging is the core feature, Slack also has voice and video calls, file sharing and data encryption features. In addition to a free version with limited features, Slack provides 3 paid models. The pricing is $2.67 per month for Standard version and $5 per month for Plus version. Slack also provides an Enterprise Gold edition for extra-large businesses. However, for its pricing, you will have to contact their sales team.


    Most business people know what a gem G-Suite is. It is a collection of the best tools Google has to offer. Some of the most useful remote work tools in the current situation are g-mail, calendar, drive, hangouts, documents, spreadsheets and other presentation tools. While there are free versions of g-mail and drive, G-Suite provides advanced features for such tools in its subscription. The pricing of G-Suite is broken down into two plans: Flexible Plan and Annual Plan. There are different versions of G-Suite in these plans. Click here to know more details. By the way, you also have the option to try out G-Suite features for 14 days as a trial version.


    You do not need to go to the client’s place to fix the software on his laptop. You have TeamViewer for that. TeamViewer is the best tool for screen sharing, remote control and support. One can use this tool to access a team member’s system or a client’s system without physically being present at its front. TeamViewer also has a free version and paid versions starting from $49 per month.


    Prototype design and sharing is the core feature of draw.io. It is powerful and easy to use unlike other tools of the same feature. Seamless integration, revision history, custom interface and easy switching are some of the useful features of draw.io as a confluence app. Draw provides many pricing options and you can find those here. You also have the option of trying it for free.


    Dropbox is the most popular tool for file storing and sharing over the cloud. It also provides more features like password protection, watermarking, offline access, backup and recovery, and connection with other tools like Slack and Zoom. Additionally, Dropbox also has team collaboration and management features. The pricing models are split into two types: For individuals and for teams. You can find the breakdown here. Do not worry; like most other apps, Dropbox also has a free version in addition to paid versions.

    Do note that the prices specified in this article were the rates at the moment of writing this article and may change in the future.There are far more tools that can be used for remote works. However, with the above specified remote work tools, you can work along with your team exactly like how you used to work at the office. You can also communicate with clients and arrange meetings in a better way digitally. Subscribe to aTeamTexas for more tips and news. The remote working requirements that all people in order to be productive are self-motivation, discipline and a strict routine which are something that we can attest to. Break the chain by going digital.

  • Tips for Remote Project Team Management During the COVID-19 Outbreak

    First of all, do not panic. COVID-19 is just another phase that humankind will overcome. Every business, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, around the world has been advised to work from home in order to break the chain.Now one of the main concern is remote project team management.

    aTeamTexas has already been focusing on remote project team management  way before the pandemic. Our remote project teams are skilled and experienced in this model and have successfully completed various projects using the same. So here are some tips from us if you are looking for remote project team management.

    1. Strict Guidelines

    Firstly, a strict set of guidelines has to be shared with your team. The primary problem faced when a team remotely works is that monitoring is difficult. You should make sure that your team members are working together with you even if you are all at different places. You do not want your web developer dozing off at home when all others are working hard. There should be a proper synchronization in the team and this can be made possible with a set of guidelines. Your guidelines can include the daily timeline, interval periods, work schedules, deadlines, periodic reports, remote meeting rules etc. Do note that the guidelines must be clear and must cover all relevant details. The project lead must communicate with the team regarding the guidelines and make sure there are no doubts.

    1. Schedule and Prioritize

    After sharing the guidelines with the team, the next important thing is scheduling and prioritizing each task. The members of your team can include graphic designers, web developers, programmers etc. The work assigned to each member is different. But there is a common problem that most members of a team face. The project lead assigns a list of tasks and does not assign priority numbers or values to each task. This causes confusion in the team member as he or she will not know which task is urgent and which task has more time. He or she may complete a set of tasks and may leave out tasks that are urgent. To avoid such issues, it is very important to schedule each work along with time constraints, priority values and relevant details. 

    1. Communication is Key

    As the team may be in different places, you need a medium to connect with one another and stay in sync. Mobile calls and WhatsApp groups do the job but they are an ancient solution to a modern problem. There are many online tools and apps that help you to stay in sync with your team. Even if some high-end tools need payment, there are a lot of free tools that are useful in remote work projects. Some tools require payment only for some features. AsanaChantyMicrosoft TeamsSkype for Business and Slack are some of the popular tools for team communication and remote project management.

    1. Cyber Security

    When working remotely, your projects are more prone to cyber-attacks. You must ensure that all the apps and tools you use are not affected by viruses, malware etc. You must also ensure that your workstation is free from these cyber-attacks by setting up proper anti-viruses and firewalls like BitDefenderNortonKaspersky etc. Additionally, you must make sure that the information and data you store on your systems/servers are secure from attacks. You must be the only one that has access to these data. You have to take care of client data like your baby. You have to verify that these steps are followed by each and every member of your remote team. Finally, you have to take regular backups of all relevant data in case of any disasters. 

    1. Always Be Legal

    Last but not the least, always follow legal measures. There should be proper legal agreements between the clients, the company and the team members in accessing company and client data. Make sure all legal procedures have been followed to prevent issues in the future.

    If you require any help from us in doing remote projects, do not hesitate to contact our team at aTeamTexas. Also, subscribe to our newsletter if you are looking forward to more tips and news from our team as well as the technological world.

  • 6 Benefits of Serverless App Development

    The term serverless is a misnomer. It does not literally mean that there are no servers. Serverless app development is a cloud-based architecture used for app development where the cloud provider has the responsibility of allocating and provisioning servers. A cloud provider completely manages these servers. The traditional need of an ‘always on’ server component is done away with. Following are some of the benefits of serverless app development.

    1. Pay Per Use 

    One of the main advantages of using serverless app development is the pricing. The developers and users will only be charged for what they actually use. The code can thus run automatically. On the other hand, in traditional server architecture, a predetermined server capacity has to be bought and paid for irrespective of whether it is used or not. 

    1. Easily Deploy Your App 

    In order to release a working model of your application, there is no need to do any backend configuration. Updating becomes easy and a product can be easily released. It serves quick functionalities like updating, patching, fixing etc. New features can be easily added to the application. Additionally, one does not have to make changes to the entire application to bring changes to a single function. 

    1. Freedom from Server Maintenance and Management 

    Serverless, as mentioned before, is a misnomer and computing does, in fact, take place on servers. However, the highlight is that the developers do not have to worry about the servers. These are looked after by the cloud provider. They take care of routine maintenance and management of the servers.

    1. Scalability 

    Scaling is very easy and automatic. This will depend on the growth and change in the customer base. The architecture can automatically scale when the number of users grow. A practical example of this advantage is that the application will be equipped to handle an unexpectedly large number of requests and also a single request from a sole user. In the case of traditional server architecture, the application will already have a predetermined and fixed amount of server space which can only handle a fixed number of requests. It can get overwhelmed if there is a sudden hike in usage and might lead to system shutdown. 

    1. Cost Reduction

    Another benefit of adopting a serverless system of application development is that it will help you to reduce cost significantly. Functions like server management, maintenance, scaling etc. aretaken care of by the cloud provider or another vendor. Additionally, serverless employs less power to compute and also uses less human power. All you have to do is work on the code from the server-side as the infrastructure is already taken care of. 

    1. Reusability of Components 

    Serverless is also more judicious and cost-effective in the long run. This is mainly because the components of the serverless architecture are reusable. 

    If you are interested to know more on Serverless and other latest topics from our team at aTeamTexas, do subscribe to our newsletter. We push out useful content regularly. 

    What does aTeamTexas do?

    aTeamTexas can help you migrate to Serverless, build Serverless applications, and train your team on the best practices in Serverless. We offer customized, scalable, robust and highly secure AWS (Amazon Web Services) development services to carve the future of your business.

  • Things to Take Care While Outsourcing MVP Development

    Outsourcing MVP is definitely a smart move when you have high aspirations for your start-up but lacks the technical support within the team. Unfortunately, you cannot just hire a random team. You need to allot some of your precious time to do your research because when you give your heart and soul to a project, you want to associate with the best people in the field. So, in order to help you choose the right source of outsourcing MVP development, here is a list of things to consider:  

    1. Check Company Testimonial to Know Their Previous Experiences

    No one can evaluate the performance of an outsourced team better than their clients. They have the first-hand experience and their testimonial can help you form an opinion. If they endorse the development agency, you are half-way there to confirming their services to build your MVP. 

    2. Strict NDA & Contract with The Jurisdiction Set to Your Own State

    I cannot stress this enough. You cannot compromise on your Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or any contract that ensures confidentiality because you do not want to take a risk when it comes to your idea and product. You have to keep it as safe as possible. It is your effort and you cannot let it slip away due to carelessness or ignorance. When you make the contract, the jurisdiction has to be set to your own state in the United States of America. For instance, aTeam-Texas is a logical developer around texas if you are looking for something in that area.

    3. 100% Transparency

    This is significant. The company that you hired need to be transparent with the work they are doing. The progress, the downfall, the stuck phase or any direction the development is leading with the MVP, you have to know. They are liable to tell you because they signed up for it and you are paying them. Accordingly, you can make your moves. 

    4. Do Not Allow Third-Party Outsourcing on Design, Development or Support/Maintenance

    When you reach the stage to design, develop or support/maintain the MVP, be wise and do notallow the company you outsourced from to do the deed. This is the time you take the matters on to your own hands. The contract would be done and dusted by then.  

    5. Insure the Project by Third-party

    Lastly, do not forget to make the third-party outsourced development work to be insured by them because it is always good to be prepared for the worst. The future is unpredictable so in case a mistake has been made from their side while building the MVP, you have something to fall back on with the hold of insurance.

  • Building an MVP with an outsourced development team

    Do you want to build a start-up? You have the ideas for it. You have got validation from your target audience. The analysis is done and you have thought of investors whom you could approach for support. You are planning to pitch it to them and you realize you need to have a Minimum Viable Product. A version of the product with basic features to see how it performs in the market built with minimum effort and costs. By having MVP, you get the feedback which you would consider to create the full-fledged product.

    The thing is, you do not have technical assistance and you are not good enough in the field to be able to do it yourself. So, what do you do? What should you do? We will give you the best option that makes perfect sense:


    Now you could do it yourself with the limited knowledge you have but it would take a lot of time since you have a lot of things figure out and it causes inconvenience because the customers are never less in number. You could hire a freelancer. The problem with hiring freelancers is it is challenging to spot one who would correspond to your needs in terms of affordability, time, communication, etc. That leaves us with outsourced development teams.

    You would be doubtful about opting for this because they are an external factor and you do not know if you trust people with your baby, their working pace and other factors. Here are some points supporting this decision of yours to make an outsourced development team in charge of the MVP

    Proper Feasibility Study & Budgeting About Your Product

    An acclaimed development agency can boast about their skilled software developers and their years of practice in the field. They can

    • comprehend your vision well and help you to bring your idea to life.
    • do the proper feasibility study with their expertise in the field and can draw approximate budgeting about your product since they have been a part of multiple projects.

    Access to An Experienced Team

    Who could pass on having access to an experienced team? No one. Their long stretches of experience assist them with distinguishing practical issues that may emerge during the development process and provide solutions. A proficient group of engineers basically gives you a lot of specialized prime supporters. They assist you with seeing your MVP from various points of view and offer predictable help as far as programming development is concerned.

    Development of Strong Architecture 

    Application development organizations have solid information on programming advancement including the stages that can be utilized to manufacture the arrangement, the dialects for coding, UI structures, testing apparatuses, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Thus, they can construct a solid establishment for your MVP, which is neatly coded and organized. The whole rationale stream is amazingly reasonable, making it simpler for your future in-house development group to deal with the application.

    Structured Process

    Working with an accomplished advancement organization empowers you to follow and actualize a systematic procedure all through the production of your MVP. The stream is smooth and continuous, directly from the underlying conversation to the last item conveyance. Correspondence has a significant job here, with a decent MVP advancement office remaining in consistent contact with you at each phase of the procedure. This gives you an accurate picture of the time period as well as the status of each advancement.

    Focused Product Development

    You have an entire team of software developers who dedicate their time to develop your product. That is their sole focus. A long way from being stalled by stresses like structure your in-house group of designers, and all the problems of enlistment, preparing, competency estimation, and asset coordination, you can rather remain effectively associated with venture improvement.

    No Issues Related to Team and Project Management

    The outcome of having devoted assets with no enlistment or preparing included is that project management is simplified. You are in charge of the planning while the agency is in charge of applying its expertise. Together, you can get a reasonable gauge of the practicality, span, and timetable of the undertaking. This aids you to design and allot funds appropriately, which is pivotal for the MVP advancement part as well as dealing with the whole procedure stream. You can choose your beta testing timetables, advertising, and advancement procedure and draw in financial specialists once you have a solid specialized accomplice set up.

    You Can Focus More on Marketing and Other Aspects of The Company 

    Once you have roped in an outsourced development team who is established like aTeamTexas, MVP development should not worry you anymore. You can put your focus on marketing your company and other aspects to expand your business. It balances out well. 

    Was this convincing enough for you to approach an outsourced development team? Tell us your thoughts.

  • Roadmap for Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    MVP or Minimum Viable Product, as the name suggests, is a basic version of a software application launched with minimal features just so you can see how it performs in the market among the customers. It is a test product. The customers can give feedback afterward that could be considered to be incorporated in the full-fledged product. This way the initial part would save you a hefty amount of money and time and it would not feel like a bet. After analyzing how successful it went, you can put in the maximum effort and money for an effective result. It is as efficient as it gets. 

    Let us breakdown the development of a Minimum Viable Product as this aspect tends to be problematic for the entrepreneurs. 

    1. Market Research

    I cannot stress the term enough. RESEARCH. MARKET RESEARCH. Before you start working on your MVP, you have got to do the research. Spend a lot of time on it determining the need for this product in the market because if you are working on something that is not useful, then it is just a waste of your effort, money and time leading to a failure. Conduct surveys to shape the product. The more information you acquire, the more successful it would get. You can never be too prepared so bask in all the information you can get regarding your product. Learn about its rivals and what they bring to the table. ANALYZE. Go in deep so your product offers what the other products in the field do not making it stand out and desirable.   

    2. Ideation & Concept

    The concept should be crystal clear. You should know the value of the product, why the people would invest in your product and the benefits they reap from your product. Be objective. Make sense of it first and then proceed.

    3. Determine the Userflow

    Structure the application in the manner fitting the clients’ wants. You have to view the application from the clients’ point of view, beginning from opening the application to the last procedure, like for example, making a purchase or conveyance. Userflow guarantees you don’t miss anything while at the same time keeping the future item and its client fulfillment at the top of the priority list. Hence, it is significant.

    4. Feature Identification & Prioritization

    List all the features you want your product to have and add it stage-wise. Do not forget to verify if you have added all the features that made your list, keeping in mind, the needs of the customers.

    5. Budgeting and Resource

    When building up an MVP, limiting expenses and time to market are the primary needs. The purpose of MVP is to try things out and decide if it is practical. In case the idea is demonstrated to have potential after the MVP is discharged, additional time can be spent to structure the extra highlights to make a progressively cleaned item. There is no reason for dumping a huge amount of assets into what is essentially a test venture.

    5.1 With In-house Resources

    In-house advancement of an MVP is a suitable procedure; however, they are not on the off chance that you are inadequate with regards to the engineers you have to take a shot at the undertaking. An MVP ought to be generally brisk and modest, experiencing an enlistment procedure just to staff a test venture is opposing to this objective. It is basically in every case faster and less expensive to discover a re-appropriating accomplice to push out an MVP.

    5.2 With Out-source Resource

    In terms of outsourced resources, you rapidly discharge the item with the base measure of highlights that are fundamental and afterward, you accumulate criticism to check whether the undertaking merits could have proceeded. The additional advantage of utilizing an outsourced resource is that you can broaden their agreement and continue building up the application for minimal effort significantly after it is out of the MVP to organize. One of the good out-sourcing resources you can approach is the ATEAM MVP development service.

  • Why We Started Our Operations in Texas?

    There has been a recent boom in technology in Texas making it the top technology state in the US. The state of Texas is characterized by the economic liberty prevalent there. This also contributes to the increasing employment opportunities and population growth as compared to the other much-developed states like California or New York. Additionally, there are some other aspects of Texas that is very pro-economic growth.

    Government interference is much less in the business sector, there is a lower rate of tax levying and the regulations and work laws are much more relaxed. Moreover, it is also a very business-friendly economy. There is less to almost no corporate tax or personal income tax. The workforce is also highly skilled coupled with a great infrastructure for businesses to grow. Their industries are characterized by technological innovation and diversity. They also have a vibrant and diverse startup community that is very pro-technology it is also a major business centre forming the hub of software development. Texas has also been known to be the most innovative state since the 80s as they came up with the modern PC system with the help of companies like Dell, Compaq etc.

    aTeamIndia has expanded their software development team and has become the best developers in Texas. In Texas, they work with individual businessmen and startups as well for helping them overcome all kinds of technical difficulties that they may face during their day to day entrepreneurial lives. With years of experience working in different parts of the globe, they have curated some of the best software developers. They guide you through the complete development process from your initial ideas to making them into reality. Their team comprises of project-specific developers with years of experience and abundant skills in the craft in order to build a seamlessly functioning application. Some of the areas that they specialize are web development, custom development and mobile application development. web applications are mostly developed to help businesses and corporations to tackle day to day hurdles that they face. They create comprehensive custom applications which are also easier for the businesses to you. It is a one-stop solution for the business comprising of all the tools and information that they might need to run their enterprise.

    aTeamIndia is known to be the top development team in Texas because they are very business-specific. Their software development process is agile-based and they give a lot of importance to the needs of the business in order to create an end product which matches with the idea of the business. aTeamIndia has a great team of developers who are passionate about coding and have brought about breakthrough developments in the software development industry. They have particular expertise in making custom applications with scalable code. Their team is also well versed in working with modern technologies because of which they are able to deliver applications meeting the demands of the current market.

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