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We help you to bring your most complex desires to reality with the help of our technology and passion.

Everyone has good ideas. However, it is the ones who bring their ideas to reality that are victorious. This is not easy because ideas cannot be handed over or brought to reality on its own. It is not something we can touch. The ‘idea’ needs to be explained in words and sketches to a team. The team crafts the product based on the idea from scratch. The end result may not always be what the idea was. It may change as the idea is handled by lots of people. This is why you need a good team. Fortunately, you are on the right website. We, aTeamTexas, is the ‘a-team’ you are looking for.

Why aTeam Texas

Why aTeam Texas?

Texas is the fastest-growing state in the U.S. especially on the field of technology. As techenthusiasts ourselves, we have set up in Texas to bring to+ you state of the art tech development and web engineering. We are not any team; we are the ‘a-team’!

Business View

  • Design

    1. Design

    You are on the right path as soon as you start dialling our number. The design phase consists of discussion and research with YOU. The platforms and technologies most suited to bring YOUR idea to fruition are also suggested by us.

  • business-develop

    2. Develop

    We craft and develop the product along with YOU. Yes, YOU will be there with us on every decision and step we take. We update YOU frequently on the project and YOU can check the status anytime anywhere.

  • Deliver

    3. Deliver

    We are not the ones who named ourselves. It is our customers who coined the term a-team. The reason is that we always deliver our commitments before the deadline. We also provide 120% refunds IF we are unable to deliver. Yes, we are that confident in our capabilities!

‘Passion’ is our Magic Keyword

Everyone asks us what our secret is. What makes our team this good? Passion. It is called stress when you are working for something uninteresting. It is called passion when you work for something you love. Yes, each and every member of our a-team was handpicked based on their passion and this is what makes us different from the other tech teams out there.

Discuss the Challenges

Discuss the Challenges

We never sugar-coat. We always discuss the challenges of the project to YOU. At the end of the day, the project is YOUR baby.

Find Viable Solution

Find Viable Solution

The experience, skills and technological resources of our team enable us to discover multiple solutions to YOUR problem.

Kickstart the Work

Kickstart the Work

We have the steering wheel. You just need to ignite the engine. We will take you to your dream destination.

Ask Us Anything

Ask Us Anything, We Are Here

Contact us and start on the right path to your dream. Questions, doubts, enquiries or anything – we are here to clear them all.


Reasons You Need To Work With Us


Latest Tech

We have the latest tech platforms and machines to create your dream project. Our team is also well-versed in the latest technologies to navigate the spaceship of digital marvels to the destination.



The golden ratio and combination of leadership, skills and resources enable us to stayeconomical in our work. We only charge reasonably for our services. However, we do not compromise on quality.


Driving Force

Passion is the keyword and our driving force to success so far. Everyone at aTeamTexas come to the office daily for the passion in what they do and it will always stay that way.


aTeamIndia’s quality performance spurs continued engagement and a long-term partnership. They track progress and adhere to deadlines; overall, project management is consistent and effective. Enthusiastic and driven, the team strives to meet objectives and deliver success.


Owner & CEO
Simon Krystman

The user experience on the platform was dramatically improved thanks to aTeamIndia’s efforts. They stand out with their focus on customer support and are working on improving how they communicate with non-technical people.


Founder & CEO

The solution is now the second-most popular within the target market. Positive feedback from users has focused on the effective integration of new features. Expect aTeamIndia to serve as a responsive partner and accommodate new requests quickly.

-Curling Board

Blacksmith International

The tool so far has boosted efficiency by 30%–40%. aTeamIndia creates high-quality products rapidly and at excellent value. Despite some ambiguities at first, the team leads a smooth workflow thanks to regular communication, technical expertise, and a willingness to give and receive feedback.

-Blacksmith International

Managing Director

aTeamIndia boosted online bookings from 25% to 70%. The aesthetically pleasing and informative content increased average customer spend. Accommodating and knowledgeable, the team excelled at project management. They delivered a high-functioning and bug-free site.

-Luxury Car Rental Company

Managing Director

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